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Here is what you need to beat anyone at Fantasy Football in 2022

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The beauty of our civilization is that there is a myriad of ways to earn in the 21st century. Think about it. You can earn as a trained professional, make incredible money betting on odds from the biggest bookmakers in the world on, or even make a fortune playing fantasy football.

Oh, did you feel fantasy football was all about casual fun? No, it is way more than that. With an intelligently assembled team, you can make a killing from fantasy football odds from bookmakers on betting sites like

While on the surface, winning at Fantasy Football appears like a luck-inspired escapade, you can assuredly and consistently make big wins on Fantasy Football when you acquire the right players, deploy the right tactics and maximize your budget.

Lucky you! We are telling you all you need to beat anyone at fantasy football in 2022.


Carefully select your players

Your choice of players significantly influences your results. When the teams you collect your players from have a terrible run of results, your results can be devastating.

Unfortunately, you can’t pack your 15-man team with players from the best in-form club at the moment. Fantasy Football legislation stipulates you can only pick a maximum of three players from one team. 

Nonetheless, the core of your team should be selectively assembled from the best two clubs at the moment. To hedge your chances of winning, you can distribute your squad slots to a wide variety of clubs. 


Ensure you deploy the right tactics

The formation you play affects your chances of winning. Your choice of formation should maximize the profile of players available to you. 

Experts have discovered that your chances of landing the juiciest points are enhanced when your highest earners start your games. 

The 3-5-2 and 3-4-3 are two of the most deployed formations in fantasy football. The 3-4-3 position gives you a vital attacking edge –allowing you to tap into the goal-scoring capabilities of your strikers and midfielders.

A super striker tucked into a 3-4-3 formation can score you massive points. We advise against channeling defensively-minded formations like 5-4-1.


Make the best of your budget

Here is the thing about fantasy football. Money stacked in the bank doesn’t translate into higher points accumulation. 

It is advised to invest your budget (instead of leaving the money to idle away in the bank) when you have a squad that desperately needs reinforcement. 

But then the bigger question comes in: how do you make the best of your budget?

Hunt the most lethal strikers

Spectacular strikers don’t come cheap in fantasy football. Of course, their steep prices are justified given their propensity to score a high number of goals. 

If your budget allows, strive to get a top striker in your team. For best results (in terms of goals scored), get a forward that is a legitimate contender for the Golden Boot when the season ends.

Of course, this striker has to be starting matches week in week out. 

Elite front-men like Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, and Cristiano Ronaldo cost a fortune. But if you manage to pull off the heist in acquiring them, you are almost guaranteed to reap the results. 

Don’t waste money on defensive midfielders

In life football, defensive midfielders are the heart of a team. They are central to the transition of play from defence to attack. Elite defensive midfielders like Chelsea’s Ngolo Kante and Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets win you games.

Sadly, this is not directly obtainable in fantasy football. It is a shame to say defensive midfielders are almost a waste of investment as they don’t stand you the best chance of picking up the highest points. 

Your budget is more optimally spent on offensively-minded players like strikers who can get the ball in the back of the net or midfielders with such De Bruyne-Esque vision that can open defences with penetrative passes. 

Appoint a captain that scores a lot

Here is one super hack many are not aware of about Fantasy football. When your captain band rests on the arms of a high goal scorer, your points are exponentially magnified. 

While in life football, you need your captain to possess core leadership skills like rallying his team, maintaining discipline, and mentoring upcoming players, it is not so in fantasy football. 

In the fantasy universe, it is all about who is scoring or making the assists. This is the person you need to make your captain.

Understandably, your captain’s fitness levels are crucial too. You don’t want a player whose fitness levels are poor leading your charges. 

This could negatively affect the points you win. 

Select a captain – or a vice-captain – who will feature for his team in that game week.

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