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How to Choose the Best Players in Every Position For the Fantasy Football Team

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The strong fantasy football team is a product of analysis, not blind passion. Sure, it’s fun to beat a friend in the league, but don’t think that picking the best players and getting the most points out of them is the result of luck. Some get injured, some play worse than expected, and sometimes underdogs show their teeth. Be ready to think through before collecting your squad while we make this process much more manageable.


There are two most popular options for goalkeepers in the fantasy teams that both work out well:

  • Big teams might provide more clean sheets during the season, but the overall tactics and the level of players would mean that the goalkeeper won’t get the bonus points for the saves. The reason is simple: they don’t get that many shots on goal per game. The analysis might be handy not only while picking the squad for the fantasy team squad but also for betting, but don’t forget to check news and bookmaker reviews on sites such as https://bookmaker-ratings.com/.
  • The other type is a goalkeeper from a smaller team. Consider choosing the one that can provide more clean sheets and a considerable amount of saves per season. This way, you might even save the budget for strengthening other positions in your teams since the players from smaller ones are cheaper in most cases.


One of the arguably most difficult positions this season to choose the correct players is in the defence. The roles are constantly changing; one player takes the place of the other because the manager decided to swap their positions or the formation. The saddest part is that you never know what’ll happen next and can’t predict the following step.

However, some global trends might help you. For example, the defenders become a big part of the offence, especially the full-backs. As Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joao Cancelo, and Reece James, such Premier League players have evolved to the most important puzzle pieces for the top England teams. They score, make assists, and create scoring chances: which is why losing Ben Chilwell for Chelsea is such a big deal.

So look for a player who will be solid in defence and gain points at the opponent’s half. Don’t overspend, though, since you will be benching two of the defenders, and it’s also an option to save funds.


Midfield might be the most intriguing position for fantasy football enthusiasts for experiments. You might imagine yourself as a bug-hunter, finding cracks in a perfectly balanced game and using those flaws to your advantage.

For example, it’s not hard to find a couple of midfielders listed at such position but who’ll play much higher up in the field, or even as a forward. That might potentially score you much more points since the players will meet the ball in a dangerous position repeatedly.

Also, there’s an option to gamble: if you want to take precautions, the team might have some defensive midfielders. But we won’t suggest doing that since choosing the attacking players gives more points in the long run. The goals, assists, and shots they make will place you above those who decided to play it safe.


Forwards, in most cases, score the most considerable points. Especially as the season progresses and it’s easier to understand the tactics of most teams in the league. For the fantasy newcomer, looking at the “goals scored per team,” it’s clear to pick a player from Liverpool and Manchester City. The first choice would bring a lot of points, while the second is a bad idea: the best goalscorer in the MC isn’t in the Top-10 in the league. All because of Pep Guardiola’s plan in the game, where every player can score.

Choose attackers wisely. Look for the attack-minded teams that score a lot. To get more points, pick a player that takes penalties. Also, consider making one of the forwards your captain.

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