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Premiership Prediction

If you are looking for the best Premiership Prediction, then you are at the right place.

Premiership Prediction, who will win, correct score, over-under goals forecast

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When can you expect Premiership Prediction to be live on our website?

Statistical analysis of Premiership Prediction is available a week before the matchday. A detailed analysis of the team's performances and head-head records is done before posting the most accurate who will win forecast of Premier league matches.

What can you expect in Premiership over-under goals prediction?

What is the possibility of over-under 2.5 goals? Will this match observe over 2.5 goals.? These are some questions we answer when we post Premiership over-under 2.5 goals probability. Statistical analysis of Premiership teams recent performances and head-head records of playing teams are done before posting if this match will see over 2.5 goals or not.

What can you expect in Premiership correct score prediction?

Correct score prediction is difficult. We try to provide a list of three possible correct score probabilities of Premiership matches.

The Scottish Premiership which was formed in the year 2013 after the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League were merged consists of 12 teams fighting for glory and runs from August to May.

Scottish Premiership: Format

The league runs in two phases. In phase one each team play the other team thrice a season either once home/twice away or twice home/once away and after each team has played a total of 33 matches, the teams are divided into two categories based on their position on the points table where top six teams are put in one category and bottom six in one and the points earned in the first phase are carried forward.

In the second phase, each team plays 5 matches more that is they play every other team in their category once that makes the takes the total number of matches for each club to 38. The team that finishes at the top in category A of phase 2 is crowned as champion. The team at the bottom of the points table in group B of phase 2 is relegated to the second division and the team at 11th position (second last in group B) faces the winner of the second division play-off matches and the club that wins that match takes part in Scottish Premiership next season.

The winner of the Premiership gains entry in the third qualifying round of UEFA Champions League, the runners up enters the second qualifying round of UEFA Champions League, the third and fourth-placed team enters the qualifying round of Europa Conference League and the winner of the Scottish Cup takes part in Europa League third qualifying round.

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Scottish Premiership: Teams

Rangers is the most successful Scottish club with 51 titles to their name followed by Celtic with 51. They are only nine other clubs that have lifted the trophy other than Celtic and Rangers with Aberdeen (1984-85 season) being the last club to lift the trophy other than the two-powerhouse club of Scotland.

The teams that are part of 21/22season are:

Scottish Premiership: Players

Leigh Griffiths is the league's all-time top scorer with 91 goals from 183 matches followed by Odsonne Édouard 66 goals from 116 matches and Adam Rooney 66 goals from 151 matches.

The other players that are part of the all-time top 10 scoring chart of the Scottish Premiership are Alfredo Morelos 62 goals,  Billy Mckay 58 goals, Liam Boyce 57 goals, Kris Boyd 55 goals, Kris Doolan 54 goals,  Niall McGinn 51 goals,  James Forrest 47 goals and Ryan Christie 47 goals.

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