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Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy football is an online gaming platform where an individual creates a team for a live match and is awarded points on the basis of the performance of the players in that particular match. There are various online platforms that is offering users the chance to play fantasy sports including fantasy football as well and allow users to participate in the free contest as well as a paid one. Fantasy football prediction requires skills, knowledge, analysis, and not merely luck. While picking a team, a user has to go through various stats and understand minute details before finalizing the team if they wish to earn rewards. The Fantasy Football prediction guide covers all the domestic and international matches that are taking place around the world giving users plenty of options to choose from.

How to play Fantasy Football

To play fantasy football, a user has to download the app of the respective fantasy platform that he wishes to play and create an account to participate in the contest. After logging in, a user should go through the terms and conditions and gain an insight into the rules and regulations for the gameplay of that particular app. Once everything is done, a user needs to create the team for the match he wishes to participate in and has to select a minimum of 4 players from one team and a maximum of 7 from one team. After creating the team the user needs to join the contest they wish to participate in and it can be a practice contest that is free or a paid one as well. The user is done awarded the points on the basis of the player’s performance in the live match.

Fantasy Football Tips and Tricks

  • While selecting the team, try to select a defender from a team that is superior in the match and may concede fewer few goals.
  • The top scorer from both teams should be selected along with a key midfield player.
  • It will be beneficial if the user checks the recent performance of the players including fantasy football stats before finalizing their team.
  • Start with a small contest if you are new to the game. It will be best if you play a free contest to understand the game before playing paid contest.

Fantasy Cricket Prediction Tips

Fantasy Cricket is a virtual game based on real-time matches where an individual creates a team on the basis of players playing in a live match and is rewarded points on the basis of their performance in that particular match. It is not easy to make a fantasy cricket prediction as it requires a lot of skills, analysis, and research to select the best 11 for a particular match that can give an individual the required points to claim the prize.
There have been various platforms that are dealing in Fantasy Cricket and offer contests for everyone even if someone is willing to play for free. Dream11 is one of the biggest and oldest fantasy sports platforms and has been among one of the top-ranked platforms around the world. Some other fantasy cricket platform that is active in the market are Dream11, Mycircle11 My team 11, Gamezy, etc.
Fantasy Cricket is available for sort of cricket matches that are happening around the world and includes T10 League, Domestic and International T20 Matches, Domestic and International ODI Matches s well as Domestic and International Test Matches.

How to Play

In fantasy cricket, an individual makes a team of 11 players that are taking a part in a live match where they are allowed to select a maximum of seven players from one team.
The gamer after having logged in to the platform selects the match that he wishes to play and selects the player he thinks can gain him the victory. They can change the team until the match starts. After creating the team the gamer selects the contest he/she wishes to play and joins it by paying the fees if there is any. The players are awarded points on the basis of their performance in the match.

Some Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

Start with a small contest if you are new to the game. It will be best if you play a free contest to understand the game before playing paid contest.
While making the team, do check the playing 11 of the teams that is declared at the time of toss along with checking the pitch report.
It is important to check the player recent form and the number of points earned by the player in recent matches before including them into the team.
Trust on your own instincts, knowledge and sense before deciding your playing 11 as trusting in yourself will be very important as it will lay the foundation for the fantasy cricket journey.
To predict the outcome of today's cricket matches we need to go through the below-mentioned information about both teams.
  • Latest Results: The latest results of teams will give you a reliable indication of how they’re playing at the moment. Teams can go through phases where they’re stronger or weaker depending on their lineup, coaching methods, and strategies.
  • H2h results: Head to head (H2H) results are very useful as they give you a direct comparison of two teams. This will allow you to compare details between players, number of wins, losses, strengths, weaknesses, defence, and more.
  • Match Prediction: The match prediction can help you prepare your fantasy football or cricket teams as well. Although the future isn’t set in stone, expert forecasts such as the team A vs Team B Dream11 prediction will give you a better understanding of what’s likely to be on the cards for these teams.
  • Key players: You can choose key players for your fantasy football or cricket team based on their stats in previous matches. This is more advisable than falling in love with rookies. Even if a rookie is said to have potential, there still may be some point in the season where their lack of experience can get in the way. It’s essential to opt for the right players as they will be key to your success on draft day.

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