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Best IPL 2022 Betting apps

Which is the best ipl betting app in India?

Much has already been made about the unique marketing prospects available to IPL 2022 betting companies as a result of mobile internet. Everyone may now look up information about the company on the internet. You can do a lot with the help of applications and websites. Read reviews, study, and count strategies, among other things.

As a result, there is a flurry of activity in the market – businesses are eager to create mobile versions of their websites. There is no better approach – having a mobile-friendly website is all that is required to acquire a foothold in a newly popular area. After all, it would benefit both the corporation and its customers.

We have prepared a small selection of the best companies for betting in India that deserve your attention. 

Top 5 IPL 2022 betting apps in India


The Parimatch app for IPL 2022 betting is an excellent tool that was designed specifically to allow you to play easily and without restrictions. The app’s key advantage is that it allows you to access the Parimatch mobile app even if the website is unavailable due to unanticipated impediments or technical work. Another reason users are increasingly preferring to download the app is the speed with which the functionality operates. To accomplish fundamental operations and functions, the system employs the Parimatch app interface rather than the web interface.

By allowing you to wager at any time of day, no matter where you are, you may bet on sports from your mobile phone, play online casino slots, and receive luxurious rewards in the gaming categories provided on the site. Furthermore, all of the new benefits offered on the Parimatch website are now available to players. If you don’t already have an account, you can set one up in under two minutes with the app. You won’t even need to go online to make deposits or withdrawals because you’ll be able to account for all counters quickly using your smartphone.

The mobile cricket betting app in India has a great design and a well-thought-out UI. This makes locating the IPL 2022 betting section simple. Moreover, the mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users at once.


The 1win Android or iOS mobile app is designed for betting on mobile devices such as phones, smartphones, and tablets. The website of the bookmaker 1win includes a mobile edition optimized for handheld devices.

When checking in from a laptop or personal computer with an unlimited high-speed internet connection, the complete version of the 1win website is advantageous. Use the mobile version or applications to gambling without consuming valuable bandwidth. The software on Android and iOS is designed to save bandwidth. While downloading 1win Android, players can access the full version of the website.

Click on the phone-shaped symbol in the top left corner to get a list of available utilities (or select the “Mobile Apps” button at the bottom of the page).

By picking one of the options, the user is directed to a new tab containing a description of the software. The 1win app was meticulously created and optimized. Unlike the app, the mobile adaptation option does not need to be downloaded and installed elsewhere. It, for example, has more registration possibilities than the smartphone version.

The user can access the adapted version instantly from his device or by inputting the address The line, live, and casino choices are all available from the main menu. All other items, such as bonuses and promotions, promotions, results, information, and settings, are concealed in the drop-down menu. As a result, we’ve designated the company, its resources, and its mobile app as one of the best betting apps for ipl 2022.


The Melbet app is a mobile version of the global edition of the Melbet bookmaker. Customers can place bets not only on the portal, but also on the mobile version, Android or iOS operating system apps, and computer programs. The mobile app is available for free download from the company’s website (for Android and PC) as well as the App Store (for iPhone).

The operator allows mobile device users to gamble using the Melbet app. Links to mobile device software can be found in the apps area of the company’s website (mobile phone icon in the top menu). Programs for Windows and macOS are available in the same section but on separate tabs.

The software features a straightforward and appealing interface. Users can become clients of the office through the app, which allows them to register in a variety of ways. The program can be used in guest mode, so installing it is all that is required to become acquainted with its features; to bet, you must register or log in.

Users of the app can watch live video broadcasts for free (some of them without registration). To support live events, live graphics are often used. Pre-match and live betting is straightforward: the selected bet is immediately entered into the betting slip. There is a statistical component, as well as the opportunity to track the progress of the event, track changes in quotations, and enter sweepstakes. The support team is available at all times to assist the bettor. Yes, it is because of these factors that this organization has been named one of the tops on the IPL 2022 betting market.


The designers went above and beyond to provide applications for the most popular operating systems, iOS, and Android. This is the Betway software, as well as for instructions for installing the free Betway smartphone app.

The Betway iOS and Android apps are virtually identical. They all offer the same services as the Betway website and can be used in place of it. Customers who download the Betway app for iOS or Android can use it to access all of the Betway services.

Overall, people prefer Betway and recommend it to all betting company clients. They also commend Betway’s app for its slick design, easy navigation, and quickness. Furthermore, bettors concentrate on the operation of the personal account, which the authors have properly built. And the bonus system, which is a fantastic addition to our mini-review, has finally convinced us that this organization is a good bet for cricket betting in 2022.


Bet365 includes a complete website, a mobile version, and sports betting app. Customers are eager to obtain the Bet365 app for Android and iOS. The program keeps the user informed of all occurrences and allows them to place bets in seconds, no matter where they are.

The app is designed in the same style as the website and mobile version. After successfully downloading and activating the Bet365 app, you will be brought to the main page, which will display a selection of popular matches. The top bar links to the main betting categories, while the three arrows in the upper left corner open a functioning menu.

The app is ideal for both seasoned gamers and newbies in the gaming world. Every consumer has space and an opportunity to bet on IPL 2022.

What is a cricket betting app?

A mobile phone owner would not have been able to answer the question about cricket apps just 15-20 years ago. The devices could only make phone calls, text messages, and play rudimentary games. A simple game on a mobile phone, on the other hand, may already be referred to as an app.

A mobile app is software that is specifically designed for the functioning of gadgets in today’s world of IPL or another league betting. The app’s role may vary, such as services, shops, entertainment, online assistance, and so on, but the purpose remains consistent. This is cricket betting, which is popular in India and the other countries mentioned above. These programs are downloaded and installed by the consumer via mobile markets. Technically, all apps are designed for the platform of the mobile device. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are the most prevalent operating systems.

The Bookmaker mobile apps can be downloaded through the company’s official website. In most cases, the main menu of the bookmaker’s website has a section named “Mobile apps,” which includes download links. The application for Android can be downloaded directly from the company’s website; Google Play does not offer such apps because Google does not host gambling software on its servers. The software may be downloaded from the App Store for iOS.

There is a considerable danger of installing malicious malware if you search for and download mobile applications from third-party sites. Scammers frequently post similar software on various archives, relying on unskilled, naive users.

4 criteria for choosing a sports betting app

Speed of operation. The app should work quickly and correctly. Long loading of the line in play results in the loss of profitable odds.

Convenience. The basic functionality should not be more than three clicks away from you. That’s why the coveted target in the face of IPL 2022 is in the “Cricket” section, and then you just select it.

Work in conditions of low internet speed. Some apps don’t work correctly in low connection conditions – they drop authorizations, require rebooting, and hang up when betting. Speed fluctuations should not affect the operation of the application too much. An exceptional feature of the best ipl betting applications that can work even in places with weak internet connections.

Functionality. The mobile app should not be inferior in functionality to the bookmaker’s website. More often than not, bookmakers sacrifice ancillary, but very useful sections when “economical development”. Some programs, for example, are devoid of video streaming and match center. Moreover, the interface can also be considered here. After all, it is cricket betting apps in India that keep the interface the same, both on the official website and in the mobile app.

For example, Betraja, which we will talk about below, recommends downloading the app only through links from legitimate bookmakers’ websites. And, please, think of sports betting as entertainment. However, it is enjoyable entertainment for earning real money. 

What are the advantages of using an ipl betting app?

Quite often users are confused about the functional differences between a mobile website and an application for a smartphone, tablet, or another gadget. It happens that start-ups and even established companies don’t understand why they should pay to develop separate software for their phones when they can “tweak” the mobile display resolution of their website. That’s where we sift out all the rubbish from the world of crypto-betting. After all, a mobile app is about taking care of its customers.

Let’s sort out the key differences and functionalities between an adapted website and an app.

A mobile version of a website is a redesigned, and in some cases adapted, web page design and content for easy viewing on a smartphone display. The easiest way is to create a copy of the main site on a computer and try to adapt it for mobile resolution. The best option is to completely “redesign” the site and create a new design that the user can interact with on a touchscreen.

Accordingly, a simple adjustment of the computer version under the gadgets is called a “rubber” layout. That is, the site remains the same content and design, but it changes in size. The blocks become smaller. This solution was most popular 10-15 years ago when sales from mobile gadgets could not compete with computers. Now a lot has changed. More traffic and sales are coming from the mobile channel. Therefore, the “rubber” site is inferior in terms of lead generation to mobile apps.

The main advantages of a website are minimal development costs (in fact, the smartphone version is made “on delivery” from the main website), cross-platform, and quick updates. Therefore, a lazy and greedy, and therefore bad, the bookmaker will not go for development for its clients.

One significant disadvantage crosses out all the advantages. An adapted site has a low level of interaction with the user. Even with good traffic, such a site will not convert your objectives well. Here, too, it is important to pay attention to both the interface and the download speed of the site and its sections. After all, if there are no real problems with the Internet, then it’s all about the site. And if the website is poorly made, the official betting app will also be abysmal. 

A mobile application is a software package whose functionality and design are “tailored” to the capabilities of mobile platforms. Here are a few key strengths of the application:

  • The interface of the program is designed specifically to work on a mobile device via a touch screen or buttons;
  • User-friendly gadget navigation, mobile menu;
  • Better interaction with the user through messages, push notifications, reminders. The app can perform functions even in the background, which cannot be said about the website. You do not need to open a browser to use the app, and many apps support several functions even when the internet is disconnected;
  • Storage of the user’s data. This function extends the possibilities of personalization of the apps. 
  • More flexible feedback to the company, service;
  • More resources can be used. For example, connect geolocation and call a car anywhere in the city;

The functionality of mobile applications has long surpassed adapted websites. Today, you can download and install business software, learning apps, organizers with reminder options, entertainment content, and various services on your smartphone.

When choosing the best sports betting app, there are several things to consider:

– Performance of the application – the program should work quickly, not to overload the RAM of the smartphone and sparingly consume its battery charge.

– User-friendly interface – the user must be able to understand the application in 10-15 minutes and be able to place a bet with a couple of taps on the screen.

– Quality of connection – the app should work consistently in conditions of low-speed Internet.

– Functionality – the mobile app should retain the basic functionality of the company’s website. And the best betting apps for IPL 2022 fully adapts the company’s interface to the needs of its users.

Cricket is an incredibly difficult sport to understand, with many nuances in the rules. It is popular in New Zealand, Australia, England, India, South Africa, and some South Asian countries.

Despite cricket’s low prevalence, the volume of betting on it is huge. The fact is that cricket is India’s number one sport and so a large section of Indian sports fans bet on it. Don’t forget that India’s population has long gone over a billion people. Given that there are few professional bettors in India, it’s safe to say there’s a large mass of “amateur money” in betting. Cricket is poorly researched by the punters, but there is every reason to believe that there are plenty of interesting bets on its lineup, so it’s a great opportunity to make some real money.

Cricket itself is, therefore, a perfectly legal sport in India, so there are no problems with the law. Moreover, all the cricket world events, among which IPL 2022 is also legal. 

Another issue is the legality of betting companies. We have already talked a lot about the fact that genuine and legal bookmakers operate under licenses. So if you choose a company that operates legally in India, then you can bet on IPL 2022 without any problem.

Indian Premier League 2022 betting apps on betraja

We have given only a small part of the overview of cricket IPL betting apps in India. So we advise you to pay attention to the betraja website, which gives excellent reviews on all betting companies that operate in India. Their reviews don’t just include introductory information, there you can find all the necessary facts about the bonus system, features, and so on. Moreover, you can find various instructions there on how to download or sign up for the ipl betting app. 

Final verdict 

We can say that we have answered all your basic questions about the world of cricket and cricket betting apps. However, if you have any problems or questions, we can suggest that you go straight to betraja’s website to find the answers you need. 


1 Which bookmaker has a mobile app?

Almost every bookmaker now offers users to download an app for iOS and Android. The best of these companies we have placed in our profile ranking.

2 How do I find a bookmaker’s app?

Many bookmakers create special sections for apps or place interactive banners advertising the software on the official website or mobile version. In addition, the iOS and Android operating system logos, placed in the top or bottom menu, indicate the presence of the software.

3 Can I get a bonus for installing a mobile app?

Yes, some companies give customers bonuses for downloading mobile apps. Usually, the rewards are freebies, i.e. the opportunity to bet at the company’s expense.

4 Is it possible to download the bookmaker’s app for free?

You can’t, you have to. Legitimate betting shops always provide software for free – both for iPhones and Android devices. If a third-party site asks you for money to install it, don’t accept it, it’s a scam.

5 How to download the bookmaker app for Android?

To download the bookmaker app on Android, go to the official website of the company and select the appropriate type of betting app. Next, allow the device settings to download content from unknown sources and start the procedure. Download the apk file, allow the software to be installed on the gadget. The system will do everything automatically. When the process is complete, simply launch the software by clicking on the shortcut with the company logo, which will appear on the desktop of the smartphone.

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