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How to upgrade your cricket skill level through Goal Getting and Goal Setting?

When we talk about working and improving in cricket, it involves a number of drills to be followed on a regular basis, the drills may be physical or mental. Players often talk about their “goals”. So, elaborating goals, goal setting, goal getting and other related terms becomes essential. In simple terms, we define ‘goals’ as our targets, our ambition to achieve desired results. Hence to achieve results, the process plays a first-hand role. Achieving targets involves efforts and processes to be followed in a systematic manner. Hence to ensure that the process follows the right path to upgrade your cricket skill, goal getting and goal setting plays a crucial role.

GOAL SETTING is an important factor to upgrade your cricket skill.

Goal setting is basically setting targets for oneself. They can be both long term and short term. One shall aim at setting such goals which are realistic/ achievable and within limits. Setting unrealistic/ unachievable goals puts the whole process of setting goals into a question mark. Setting goals that seem to be unreal (depending on the prevailing situation) can put all efforts in vain. Setting false targets and failing to achieve them can build frustration within a player. Hence it is effective and efficient to set goals keeping in mind all the limits and constraints.

One can target any sort of goal, it can be mental, technical or physical. Every aspect will contribute to building a stronger player.

Goal setting shall be done keeping in mind both past, present and future. By past it means, keeping in mind the past experiences and formulating new goals by learning from past experiences. By present, it means depending on the conditions at present. By future in refers to where a person aims to see himself/herself in a specified limited time period.

A smart planner shall aim at achieving small goals and moving forward step by step rather than aiming to take a giant leap- which might give temporary results. The targets shall be set in a neutral manner, as in the goal shall neither be too easy to finish nor too difficult to achieve.

How GOAL GETTING can help upgrade your cricket skills.?

Just like goal setting, goal getting is a continuous process that also demands constant evaluation and monitoring. Goal getting is working in the direction of achieving what a player has planned, it is putting thoughts into action. It involves the implementation of what has been planned. Working on small goals and moving forward strategically shall help in boosting confidence in a player. It will help in bringing a sense of accomplishment and happiness within a player and thus motivate them to move forward and work harder.

One common mistake players do is that they focus more on ticking boxes, which means they neglect and compromise with quality practice and deviate towards quantity practice. There shall be a fine balance between both quality and quantity. Both are two sides of the same coining.



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