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Self-belief, A must for every cricketer

In this rapidly-evolving and competitive environment, high self-belief is not a trait to cherish but a necessity to survive. While millions are chasing the same dream and running the same race, are after chasing the same glory, it becomes essential to be ‘‘different’’ from others and ‘’backing oneself up’’. By being different, it signifies holding extra-ordinary talent and backing oneself up links to the concept of self-belief.

Self-belief is an intangible force, but its presence is evident in one’s behaviour, it is an essential part of one’s success journey. In the journey of every player, there are phases when things aren’t working in favour, that’s when self-belief plays the key role. Soaring high again after falling down, making a comeback, all this requires tremendous courage and tremendous efforts, and all this courage comes from the practice of self-belief. It involves cherishing one’s strength and talent no matter what situation is a person in.

In a major way, our behaviour on the field is reflected by our behaviour off the field. A player carries the same values and beliefs on the field which he possesses off the field. Similarly, self-belief is something that requires constant practice, both on and off the field, to deliver the best of what one is capable of. Be it batting, balling or fielding, backing oneself is important.

How to enhance self- belief?

To enhance self-belief/self-esteem, a lot of things can be done, like:

  1. Understanding and eliminating: by understanding and elimination is refers to the process of understanding the factors that lead to low self-belief. This could hold a numerous factors but understanding them and making an effort to eliminate these factors is important. This shall help in building a positive attitude towards things and oneself.
  2. Affirmation: affirmation shall encourage positive self talk. Positive self talk leads in giving right message to the brain, thus resulting in positive changes in one’s behaviour. Positive changes in behaviour helps in building self-belief.
  3. Setting and achieving targets: setting targets and achieving them boosts confidence. A target may me mentally or physically. Working and achieving them gives a sense of accomplishment resulting in building high self-belief
  4. Not leaving targets ‘unaccomplished’ : the way achieving targets help in boosting self confidence, not achieving them can lead to the opposite. So one shall make efforts in achieving the predetermined goals.
  5. Positive/ healthy lifestyle: developing a healthy and positive lifestyle helps in building the inner strength of a person. Inculcating a healthy lifestyle is important to build oneself strong internally and externally both.
  6. Constant practice: constant practice and being patient is vital to achieve anything. Similarly building self-belief requires constant practice and not giving up.

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