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Importance of Visualisation for Improving on-fields performances in cricket.

Ever thought what is the importance of Visualisation on the performance of a cricket player?

In this article, we will cover how Visualisation can improve player performance before he actually goes on-field.

What does Virat Kohli mean when he emphasises on the importance of Visualisation?

Over the past decade or so, sports has evolved in a major way. The records are being shattered more often now, coverage of events or involvement by people has increased, which gives a clear indication of how the sport is growing across the globe with years passing by. With all the growth and assurance of more certainty in the field, newer fields are adding up. More light is being thrown on the topics like physical fitness or mental rehearsal. Players are not only skill-centric now.

Hence, to shatter the chains of mediocracy, and, to prove oneself above average, mental rehearsal/ visualisation is important. The wave of its importance is gaining momentum slowly and steadily and hence it is also recognised as many essentials of the daily routines.

Visualisation is simple and easy to practice. It basically involves creating or recreating experiences in the mind. It involves recalling from memory pieces of information stored from experiences and shaping those pieces into meaningful images. It involves creating images in the mind and feeling them as if they had already happened. For example, a player can see himself/herself holding the trophy. Our subconscious mind can be guided in such a manner that it starts delivering the same results while actually playing a match.

Elite players have realised the benefits of visualisation and they tend to practice it on a frequent basis now. Amateur players learn and grow by getting inspired by elite players only. So, it will be fascinating to see young players developing the habit of visualisation as part of their routine too. It would surely prove to be beneficial for them if they start practising such routines at an early age and on a regular basis, and also might help them in displaying tremendous results in future.

Players like Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane and much more practice the technique of visualising. Virat Kohli the IPL and international star and one of the most destructive batsmen known for his impeccable batting style, once mentioned in an interview how he visualises himself dominating the bowlers of the opponent team. He mentioned how he use to feel the scenario in his mind before actually stepping on the ground.

So, players have witnessed the power it holds and how it acts as a ‘wild card’ in enhancing performance.



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