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Mental Health impact on the performance of Cricketers

In the journey of every cricketing legend, in the career span of every great hero, comes a ‘rough patch’ when the sportsperson is unable to deliver the performance to his/her fullest ability. In this article, we will cover mental health’s impact on the performance of Cricketers and how to overcome them.

There are times when he/she is able to be expressive with the skill and is able to display his truest and utmost talent. Likewise, there are also times when he/she is unable to exhibit their potential. That is the period when the player’s mental strength is checked. Coming out of tough situations and proving your worth is basically what is meant by comebacks. Comebacks aren’t easy, it demands tremendous effort- both mentally and physically to make a comeback or pull oneself out of stressful scenarios.

We often see players unable to perform in one match, followed by another and the cycle continues for some time. Breaking this chain and making a comeback involves a process altogether. A process that demands loads of time and energy. Getting out of tough situations is hard, but that is where the difference lies between a good player and an ordinary player. A good player shall fight and prove.

In stressful situations, players often ‘‘zone out’’. However, it is important to stay in present and indulge in activities that bring mental calm and satisfaction to the players. Occupying themselves in activities that they like, can help in avoiding pilling up of unnecessary stress. These activities could include anything like listening to music, reading, watching movies etc.

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Often, there are times in every player’s life when the process doesn’t match with results. Results don’t turn out as desired and in such a situation, he/she starts doubting his/her capabilities. This is the time when one has to back himself/herself. By backing up, it means constantly giving their mind the right message in a positive direction and eliminating unnecessary pessimistic thoughts. This helps in restoring the faith within oneself. From the external environment, situations might disturbing, but keeping the inner faith intact is essential.

Few things which can help reduce the mental health impact on the performance of cricketers.

Below you can find a list of things a cricketer can do to reduce the impact of mental health on his/her performance.

  • Positive self-talk
  • Engaging oneself in activities
  • Staying in present
  • Focusing on positive things.
  • And most importantly controlling the control-ables.

Hence the vitality of mental health can never be underestimated.



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